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Download vpn firewall app to protect from bands

On this page, you will find the vpn protection application for Android, the band protection application in the PUBG Mobile game, the best vpn program for your mobile phone without root, you can use the VPN together for the PUBG game to protect from bands, and you can also cut off the internet from any application that entered your Android phone.

Download vpn firewall app to protect from bands

What is a vpn app?

Many times, you find that the Internet package has expired quickly and you may face some difficulties in browsing the Internet and the presence of the Internet is slow while downloading applications. The cause of this problem may be that there are some applications that consume Internet in the background and this is of course from their access powers.
So you can get rid of this problem by using an application that turns off the Internet for some other applications, but the problem appears that these applications need to be rooted on the Android phone.
But with NoRoot Firewall, you do not need to have root permissions on your phone, and you will be able to stop the internet on some applications.

No root firewall software

As for a non-root firewall program, it is used in many uses, the most important uses of a non-root firewall program is that it enables you to cut off the Internet from any application that you select.
And the advantage of cutting the Internet for a specific application that many parents are looking for is to cut the Internet, for example, from the Facebook application or YouTube or an application that consumes the Internet significantly.

After downloading a firewall program without root, you will notice a big difference in the performance of the device and the consumption of the Internet in the affirmative, and one of the other advantages of the program is that it shows you your consumption of the Internet.

It is also one of the most important features of a program in addition to being completely free and does not display ads, but it protects you in a very smart way, so that it is known and as we reviewed the idea of ​​spyware and the way to disable it, all spyware depends on the Internet and internet connection to transfer your private data.

So when you download this program and at the same time if you have a spying application, NoRoot Firewall will show you in the notification bar the name of the malicious program and your data will not be sent, so you should really download this application.

Explanation of running the program

First, after downloading the program from the end of the topic, it must be activated via the Start button, and you can activate the option to activate the program always or when the device is working.
After activating the program, you will have the ability to control the programs on your phone, now all you have to do is block the application that you want to stop the Internet from, and this is through the Apps menu from the bottom bar.
When you go to the list of applications, you will select the application and then choose do you want to cut off the Internet from Wi-Fi and the private network Sim or both, and there are some customizations.

There are two options in the control menu, whether for Wi-Fi or data internet, the first is to block the application so that when you do this option and try to enter the application, the application will crash and then ask you to connect to the Internet.

As for the second option, which is to activate the connection, and this is in the event that you want to run the application, for the “ticket” any operation you have done will not take place until after doing the first step, which is to activate the application itself.

And by default, if you do not activate or disable the option, the Internet connection will be disabled on this application and it must be activated by changing the connection mode to the “Activation” mode of the program, and this is through the “Pending” menu by pressing “Allow”.

Also, one of the most important features of a non-root firewall program is that it is a Vpn and it Press heremeasures Internet consumption in terms of downloading and uploading files.

vpn firewall download link

To download the new version of the firewall application, click here.
To download the older version of the Band Protection application, click here.
To download more programs, click here.
Note, it will not work to install both on your device, you must delete the old one in order to install the new one.

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